Eugene Sherman Booco

  • Born July 22, 1877 in Missouri.
  • Parents were ISAAC BOOCO and HARRIET L. SMITH.
  • Married LENORA ROSE CUSTER on November 14, 1901 in Fayette County, Ohio, by M.M. Campbell, M.G. Lenora was born December 4, 1882 in Fayette County, Ohio; and died November 6, 1960 in Jamestown, Greene County, Ohio. Her parents were WELLS CUSTER and SARAH E. CONNER. Her sister was MINNIE IDELLA CUSTER.
  • Died June 27, 1929 in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio.
  • Both are buried in Jeffersonville, Fayette County, Ohio.


  1. HARIETTE EVELYN BOOCO, born March 10, 1903 in Jefferson Township, Fayette County, Ohio; died in December, 1981 in Greene County, Ohio. Married PAUL BLANKENSHIP on February 26, 1925 in Fayette County, Ohio.
  2. PATRICIA FLORA BOOCO, born August 14, 1917 in Fayette County, Ohio; died in 1992 in Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio. Married ROBERT LOEWER.
  3. ALICE WANDA BOOCO, born April 9, 1911 in Fayette County, Ohio; died March 8, 1997 in Fayette County Memorial Hospital, Washington CH, Fayette County, Ohio. Married PAUL KNISLEY.
  4. FRANCES LOUISE BOOCO, born February 22, 1921 in Jeffersonville, Fayette County, Ohio. (calculated from age at marriage) Married HOWARD SCOTT PARRILL. Married KERMIT ZIMMERMAN in 1988.